How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you want your employees to give their best, make sure they have a clean workplace to work in. In other words, the workplace should be free of all types of contaminants, bacteria, and germs. The air in the workplace should be free of harmful airborne particles. Air scrubber and air purifiers can be an ideal choice for this purpose. Let’s find out more.

Dangers Of Indoor Air Pollution

You may not know but the air in your home or office carries different types of toxic compounds. They can be harmful to the physical and mental health of your employees. Indoor air pollution can cause a lot of health problems like nausea, lethargy, sore throat, headache, skin irritation, colds, cough, and respiratory diseases.

Apart from these, your employees may also suffer from other symptoms, such as breathing difficulties due to poor air circulation, high humidity levels, and extreme temperatures. They may also suffer from asthma due to prolonged exposure to airborne pollutants. Long term effects of this exposure may cause lung cancer as well.

Use Professional Equipment To Enjoy Quality Indoor Air

First of all, you should install special sensors to detect the level of airborne pollutants in your workplace. Besides, you can use professional devices in order to clean the dirty air in your office and workplace. Given below are some of the devices you can try out:

Air scrubbers

Air scrubbers are portable filtration systems. Therefore, they can effectively remove different types of airborne chemicals, gases, and other particles.

Air purifiers

Often, high-quality air purifiers contain HEPA filters that can capture 99.97% harmful airborne particles.


The role of a dehumidifier is to reduce the relative humidity level in the air. What they do is remove the excess moisture from the air. These units suck in the air surrounding its cold coils and turn it into the water through the process of condensation.

The excess of humidity can have a negative impact on the health of your employees. Similarly, if the humidity level is too low, it can make your employees exposed to cold and different types of respiratory illnesses., therefore it is important to maintain the humidity level at all times. In winter, for example,

What is a HEPA filter?

If you are looking for an air purifier, we suggest that you get one that features HEPA filters. These filters are capable of capturing different sizes of airborne particles. Moreover, they have multi-layered netting made of fine threads of fiberglass.

These filters are airtight and consist of a dense sheet of tiny fibers sealed in a plastic or metal frame. This is the reason HEPA filtration systems can capture the types of viruses that can cause COVID-19 symptoms. Therefore, if the air is cleaned using an air purifier that features HEPA filters, your employees will be less likely to be infected with the corona virus.

Home-use air purifiers vs commercial air scrubbers

It is important to understand the difference between home user purifiers and commercial air scrubbers. The later comes with a much more powerful motor that can easily filter the air in a vast area, unlike a portable air purifier. However, these air purifiers of air scrubbers can’t prevent the person-to-person transmission of the virus.